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November 1, 2019

These days, software isn’t just a helpful business tool — it can define the difference between growth and stagnation. And the truth is: Your legacy software is hindering your organization and draining your resources, people, and productivity. Or, maybe you have COTS software that is holding you back, creating poor user experiences and driving them away.

SIngleStone Software Solution

In scenarios like these, technology is creating deficiencies. Bad software is difficult to use and riddled with gaps, requiring manual workarounds. Even good software can be merely adequate and inefficient. And when software falls short, you disrupt the positive, seamless experiences your customers want and depend on, with a direct hit to your bottom line.

SingleStone accelerates your tech journey with great software — so you employ customized solutions that evolve with you.

Here, we’re problem-solvers who embrace the creative-, analytical-, and technical thinking that leads to powerful results. We call this approach “whole brain,” and it’s the foundation of how we work. By keeping a pulse on technology innovation, we move you forward with cloud-first software development. As we do, we bring the data, analysis, and operations chops to keep your tech humming. 

A Partner for Tomorrow

By your side, we work with you instead of for you. This collaboration helps you design, build, and implement the tech solutions you need. In fact, when an international financial services company struggled to engage customers on their mobile phones, we designed mobile-first solutions with their needs in mind. By building innovative, customized software, they grew their online revenue by 200% in the first year.

As we support you, we use design thinking and agile product development principles — and customize for your unique business challenges and goals. At each step, the following tenets guide our work:

  • Focus on the human experience. No matter how complex on the backend, technology should never feel complex to use. We build for the human experience with design-centric solutions that embrace clear architecture and frameworks. 
  • Create business value. Forward-thinking ideas are exciting. But they’re fruitless unless they deliver practical, powerful results. We emphasize outcomes over outputs, so you lead with technology that drives value, rather than depletes it.
  • Prioritize products over projects. Projects have end dates, while products have users and living roadmaps. We design software for experiences and gather rapid feedback, listen to concerns, learn what’s possible, and adapt.

And because improved technology inevitably creates change within an organization, we support change management needs along the way. In fact, we believe the best software development practices work this focus into the process. 

Whether you have short- or long-term goals, we’re here to help you transform your business with full-service software support. By your side, we’ll help you deliver value now — and keep your eyes and innovation on the horizon.

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At SingleStone, we work with you to design, build, and implement custom tech solutions you need to scale enterprise speed, innovation, and agility. We are experts in the methods and technologies that are transforming the way people think and work.