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9:00 am

Good morning! You show up excited and ready to solve some problems with your teammates. After saying some hellos, you quickly check your email and schedule to see what’s on the agenda today. You respond to emails about a new business presentation, an upcoming company event, or a question from a client. If you’re working from the SingleStone office, you might head to the kitchen to grab a banana. Or a honey bun. (Let’s be honest.)

How we work

10:00 am

At SingleStone we use Agile methodologies, so it’s time for a daily stand-up with your team. We work in small cross-functional groups here — our biggest conference room only seats 10 people — so you’re pretty tight with your co-workers. You all spend a few minutes talking about what you’ve accomplished the day before, what you’ll do today, and how you can all help one another move the project forward.

10:15 AM
You need caffeine in a major way. You head over to the kitchen for a massive cup of coffee and catch up with coworkers about weekends, kids, life in general. You follow a colleague back to her desk to discuss strategies for improving the performance of an app or website, or to ask her a question about a problem you’ve been trying to solve. And by the way, this doesn’t always have to occur in the SingleStone kitchen — many of our consultants work alongside clients at their offices. Even so, we’ll always ask about our clients’ kids (we know them by name) or weekends (we went to the restaurant they recommended). We make it a point to have real relationships with our clients. It’s more fun that way and it makes the work better.

10:30 am

You spend the morning in working sessions with your client and teammates. Your team sketches rough design layouts on a whiteboard to explore multiple ways of creating a user flow or structuring a cloud migration. As a team of designers, technologists, project managers and business analysts, you’re able to erase and draw new approaches as you discuss the problem together, with your client.


Your stomach is grumbling. Maybe you join your team or a client for a working lunch. Or maybe you head to the SingleStone office for a scheduled talk on wellness and realize you now have 100 questions about the nutritional value of the food you’ve eaten this week.

Learning and Growth

12:45 pm

It’s time for a meeting with your manager and the rest of your internal team — these are the people who share similar expertise. You gather to hear what’s been going on in the firm, to discuss current projects everyone is working on, and to learn from and help one another. Maybe one of you presents a recently completed project, or you put work up on the wall and discuss ways to improve it.

2:00 pm

You spend some time incorporating the feedback that you got from your team, and then dive into some issues you’ve been having with a new design or build. You and a team member brainstorm ways to resolve the issue or see if there’s a potential feature that a bug may have identified.

Benefits and Balance

3:30 pm

You grab a quick meeting with a co-worker who is leaving early for a dentist appointment or to go see his daughter’s play at school. Wellness and work-life balance are important here, and SingleStone offers competitive and generous benefits, so why not take care of yourself and your family? (A play sounds better than the dentist, but we’re all leading different lives here.)

That's a Wrap!

6:00 PM: After your last client call and quick email scan to end out the day, you smile and close your computer. A day that involves solving problems with smart people and making a big impact for clients is a good one. SingleStone is a company that was founded with the goal of being a great place to work and giving employees a chance to serve others, and you feel it. Keep scrolling to check out what some of our teammates have to say about working here, or read a blog post by one of our recruiters on what we look for in candidates like you. 

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