Reimagine a business management platform to maximize growth in a quickly evolving market​



One of the nation’s leading Internet and catalogue retailers of consumer electronics has managed its Canadian business since 2008 using a commercial product known as Volusion. As business grew and requirements changed, the client’s internal software development team made customizations to Volusion. Over time, the performance degraded, especially for credit card transactions. Customer service suffered due to longer wait times, and frequent system timeouts. Training new Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) became a heightened challenge due to Volusion’s unpredictable performance. COVID-19 intensified these challenges altogether. Customers began to spend more time at home, which resulted in great business growth, but also exacerbated Volusion’s issues. For the client to expand during this unexpected growth curve, their go-to business management application needed to be reimagined with scale and ease-of-use in mind.​


Excellent customer service is our client’s claim to fame. Conscious of this, SingleStone was sure to set clear expectations before development: fewer bugs reported, shorter customer service calls, faster application performance, increased reliability, shorter times from point of contact to sale, and trust with credit card transactions. These expected outcomes were the driving force behind the .Net web application that would soon be known as “Maple.” ​

Four production releases later, the final Maple interface was clean and intuitive. Through consistent collaboration with the client’s power users, the language evolved systemwide to become succinct and uniform, from formatting to grammar. The robust input validation allowed for sharp and timely user feedback. Incrementally, SingleStone rolled out Maple to completely replace the existing Volusion system.


  • 30% reduction in outdated/inoperable features​
  • Simplified and corrected inaccurate reason codes occurring during the order returns process​
  • Clean, intuitive, and functional user interface​
  • Uniform and easily understandable system language

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