It's easy to amass large amounts of data. It's difficult to derive value from it. With reliable storage, effective management and governance, and rigorous analysis, you can transform your organization’s data into real and actionable insights. Those insights turn into effective business decisions, and those decisions will drive prolific outcomes.

Curious, creative, and rigorous practitioners, SingleStone’s data team carefully chooses the tools, methods, and approach that will guarantee positive and long-lasting results. Our goal? We want to leave our customers with valuable and dependable data products that help them make effective decisions and promote sustainable growth for years to come.  

We’ve helped clients in financial services, retail, insurance, defense, and the public sector take control of their data using a design-centered perspective rooted in critical thinking and problem solving. Whether you’re using ETL or ELT, Spark or Databricks, SQL or NoSQL, we stay laser-focused on the people creating and using the data. Your data needs are seen as a reflection of your operations, your customers, and your products.

Envision a future where your data practices are intentional, forward-thinking, and people-oriented.


  • Infrastructure survey
  • Business context mapping
  • High-level strategy
  • Policies, leadership and organization
  • Data and metadata best practices
  • Security and access management

  • Data collection
  • Reporting
  • Process management
  • Flexible consumption layers
  • Reporting and dashboarding
  • Advanced analytics

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