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Seamlessly Integrate Data, Analytics, AI & Robust Systems

Data, Analytics, Ai

Data, Analytics & AI

Unlock the full potential of your data with AI-driven insights.

Ensure data accuracy and consistency, transforming disparate information into reliable, actionable decision-making tools that drive growth and continuous innovation.

Architecture Modernization

Architecture Modernization

Eliminate outdated systems and boost efficiency.

Our Domain-Driven Discovery approach blends Design Thinking with Domain-Driven Design (DDD) to modernize your architecture, removing barriers that hinder your team's performance.

Customer Platform

Customer Platform Strategy, Integration & Program Support

Ensure new tech works harmoniously for you.

Guarantee your technology investments are not only implemented but are deeply aligned with your business objectives and user needs, reducing risks and fostering sustainable growth.

Product Design and Delivery

Product Design & Delivery

Deliver high-quality, products swiftly and securely.

We specialize in providing operations and analytics products that enhance business performance while maintaining security, performance, and cost-effectiveness.

Tailored industry Solutions

Serving Financial Services, Insurance & Public Sector

Financial Services

Outdated systems and fragmented data slow down decision-making. We modernize your tech, ensure data accuracy, and streamline operations to keep you competitive.


Legacy systems hinder data sharing and transparency. Our solutions optimize data management, enhance decision-making, and streamline processes to help you thrive.

Public Sector

Serve communities effectively with efficient, secure, and transparent services. Our solutions streamline operations, enhance transparency, and ensure data security.

Who is singlestone?

20+ Years of Untangling Messy Data & Mastering Emerging Tech

We understand the frustration of dealing with underutilized data, outdated systems, and the overwhelming complexity of modern technology. These challenges can hold your business back and prevent you from reaching your full potential. That's why SingleStone exists—to untangle messy data and handle the intricate tech stuff for you. With over 20 years of expertise, we transform these challenges into opportunities for growth, innovation, and confident decision-making. Trust us to provide the solutions you need for a brighter, more successful future.

About SingleStone
SingleStone Tech Team

Case Studies

Leading Insurer Harmonizes Data from 50+ Operating Units

Discover how W.R. Berkley's acquisitions created unique data challenges. Hear from Rob Reynolds on navigating separate databases and varied terminologies.

Financial Leader Enhances Decision Making & Reporting

Discover how SingleStone's solution revolutionizes labor forecasting, enhancing precision and speed while empowering smarter decision-making and improved financial opportunities.

Modernized Data Warehouse Increases Business Self-Sufficiency

How SingleStone modernized a biotech company's data warehouse, boosting self-sufficiency and data publishing speed. Our one-month project designed a scalable AWS solution and an actionable roadmap for future growth.

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