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Elevate humanity in business

Our purpose is to elevate humanity in business because it’s great for people and great for business. We’ve lived out this mission for over 25 years and the results are undeniable. What drives these incredible solutions? Our one-of-a-kind team.

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You’re an expert in your business. We’re experts in the tools and methods that help you think and work like a modern tech company. The secret to our success? We keep your team and customers at the heart of our solution. Plus...let’s face it, many can build you an app, portal, or dashboard, but few can truly engineer for the human experience.

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A history of SingleStone

Dominion Digital is founded in Charlottesville, Virginia, with a mission of putting humanity at the center of its values.
Dave Matthews Band signs on as our first client. Pretty rad, huh?
Agile methodologies are introduced
and embraced as our approach to
project delivery.
We changed our name to SingleStone.
Jimmy Chou is named as our CEO.
Our sister company, WayPath, is formed.
Chris Little steps into a new role as our
“In Service With Our Community” leader.
We grew by 250% and welcomed talent nationwide. We now occupy 24 states and counting.
We celebrated our 25th anniversary. The skillsets and capabilities of our team have reached an all-time high as we excitedly prepare for what's to come.

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