Ace Callwood — Director at Envoy


Ace is a thoughtful listener, mediator, guide, and speaker with the ability to read an audience – in person or digitally – and draw from them their toughest questions, greatest vulnerabilities, and boldest ideas. An instinctive bridge-builder, he brings intellectual openness and deploys the most sophisticated techniques to ensure parties truly hear each other and stretch their creative minds to find innovative solutions to some of the world’s most intractable challenges.

Ryan and Ace discuss why an elegant solution to the wrong problem is an elegant solution to the wrong problem; The Five Why’s; the anatomy of a good idea; 3 unique ideation methods: brainwriting, worst idea, other people’s shoes; product-side vs. human-side of solution testing; and control what you can control and influence the variables. Plus, Ace shares his biggest influences and lessons learned along the way. Get ready to laugh and be inspired.

Episode Notes:


Principles of Improv Theater in Practice

The Anatomy of a Good Idea

Art Espey

Cami Téllez

Tommy Nicholas

Justin Bullock


Equal Sons

Jam with Ace: Manchester OrchestraMichiganderLittle SimzMiles Davis, Explosions in the SkyJohn Coltrane