Technology is ever-changing. Even the best systems — like the one SingleStone just built for you — need continual enhancements, ongoing security updates, and new functionalities as your needs evolve and your customer’s demands change. Protect your investments and receive ongoing maintenance from our TechOps team.  

Our experts simply convey complex systems-related issues so that business stakeholders can make informed, forward-thinking decisions. Versatile and collaborative, our TechOps support complements existing information technology architecture, or acts in a standalone capacity as needed. By uncovering system obstacles impacting user experience and performance, we give your business heightened capacity to focus on delivering excellent products and services. Keep reading to learn more about our capabilities.


For applications we build, we support
  • Cloud hosting 
  • Downtime Prevention strategies 
  • System maintenance and health monitoring 
  • Data Backup and disaster recovery 
  • User training and documentation 
  • Industry standard application deployment
For existing applications, we support
  • Maintenance of existing automated testing suite (regression/smoke) 
  • Ongoing development and deployment testing 
  • Monitoring and log Review 
  • User training and documentation

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