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In the dynamic landscape of today's multi-level organizations, traditional labor forecasting methods fall short. Even renowned Fortune-500 companies are constrained by stagnant and outdated practices that aim to track and predict labor costs. Labor costs are among the top expenses for organizations world-wide. These lofty expenditures mean that firms should look at modernizing system architecture to maximize their investment into team functionality.  SingleStone recognized this pervasive challenge and developed a solution (with the potential to impact many other industries) for more efficient labor forecasting, cost modeling and reporting capabilities.​


SingleStone's innovative application enhances labor forecasting precision, flexibility and speed. By eliminating the need for manual inputs and spreadsheet compilation, managers reduce fear of stale data and time-intensive budget analysis. They are provided a sophisticated flexibility to safely explore a filtered forecast, adjust resource data, or develop a reporting scenario. Not only does our application enhance operational efficiency, it provides executives with expedited access to critical labor information. This enables smarter decision-making and improved financial opportunities across the organization. ​


  • Built-in sandbox feature allowing HR representatives to model stipulations of potential staffing decisions
  • Automated ingestion of labor budgeting and forecasting information to enable data-backed decisioning​
  • Improved access into labor financial conditions across all lines of business​
  • Decreased time required to produce labor reports​
  • Enhanced precision of labor reporting​

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