Enterprise domain modeling and data warehouse design at a biotech company​



The client, a biotech company specializing in individualized cancer therapy, was recently acquired by a global Fortune 500 company. The acquisition and subsequent growth exposed complications of updating and managing data at speeds required to stay relevant to the business. They needed to unify the interaction between their distinct business domains.​

They sought a partner to provide a documented enterprise domain model covering commercial and technical operation pillars. The domain model would divide the business domain into bounded contexts as appropriate, specify interfaces among these contexts, and define a ubiquitous language for each bounded context. The domain model would also support the client’s revamped and expanded data hub yielding more streamlined documentation and maintenance applications, broadly shared knowledge of how and where to access data, and consistent data structures for queries. ​


SingleStone created a future state design and roadmap using our Strategic Domain-Driven Design (DDD) approach. After framing the problem with desired outcomes, we analyzed user journeys using tools like Event Storming and the C4 Model to thoroughly understand the current state.​

Our team explored several options before refining into a proposed future state design that organized their enterprise data model around the natural bounded contexts of their business. We created a clear, detailed plan of how to upgrade their current warehouse architecture so as to improve maintainability, drive business self-sufficiency, and increase publishing frequency from weekly to daily.


We routinely reviewed the event storm from varying business perspectives for powerful insights that the client found incredibly useful.  Armed with these unlocked insights we outlined core business elements and their respective relationships that will be useful for many years to come.

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