Eric Cunningham bridges the divide between business and technology to design and implement solutions that enable rapid, sustainable growth for companies conducting business on a global scale. From customer-facing to back-end environments, he creates IT strategies, development roadmaps, and service architectures that support business goals and contributes to corporate value creation. When it comes to engineering and architecture, Eric embraces the power of cloud-native computing and living in a non-datacenter world.Ryan and Eric discuss cloud migration architecture patterns, iterative development with guardrails, engineering feedback loops, blockchain, quantum computing, serverless, batch processes, and how to establish and maintain domain expertise in the age of information.Connect with Eric: LinkedInEpisode Notes:Capital One TechIndividual Contributors and People LeadersChallenger ModelMike EasonMelanie FrankNeil DeGrasse TysonPower Play, by Tim HigginsConan O’Brein Needs a Friend

Eric Cunningham

Eric Cunningham

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