Chris Matts used his extensive knowledge of financial derivatives to develop an approach on how to deal with decision-making and named it real options. Unlike the "traditional" Real Options approach that is based on Black-Scholes, his approach avoids complex mathematics and focuses on the practical implications of options. His model teaches us to understand the timing of decision-making and discover new options that were never appreciated. Chris teamed up with Olav Maassen and Chris Geary to create the first business graphic novel about managing risk on projects. In the novel, the main character Rose Randall learns how to apply the real options approach to the way she manages her new project.He joins Ryan Shriver to discuss risk management, Real Options, how to improve decision making, key project management tools, and so much more.Episode Links:

Commitment: Novel about Managing Project Risk, by Chris Matts, Olav Maassen, and Chris Geary

Commitment Blog "Real Options" Underline Agile Practices Olav MaassenChris Geary Nicholas Christakis: How social networks predict epidemicsTony Grout

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