SingleStone’s DevOps Expertise

November 1, 2019

How do you deliver high-quality products that work quickly, efficiently, and sustainably for customers? 

This question is at the heart of our DevOps support. And rather than be a fad about automation, we know that DevOps will fundamentally change how you work. 

At SingleStone, DevOps is the fabric that weaves throughout all our solutions. 

Companies that maximize DevOps accelerate their lead time from commitment to deployment 106 times faster than the lowest performers. Time is money, and speed is a competitive differentiator. With DevOps, we can help you propel both.

DevOps and Cloud Engineer expert, Ryan Shriver leading a DevOps training

Here, reducing friction and accelerating speed aren’t lofty goals. Instead, DevOps permeates all our solutions, from laying down infrastructure with code to streaming data changes to automating full, continuous delivery pipelines.

As a design-centric firm with a focus on creativity, we lead from the human experience to create systems with all users in mind, where each solution feeds into another. 

No matter your DevOps goals, we can help.

Together, we’ll answer questions like:

  • How do you upskill your technical talent with an approach they embrace instead of reject?
  • How do you build enterprise-grade automated pipelines for your applications and infrastructure? 
  • How do you automate security, monitoring, and operational procedures and controls?
  • How do you stand up our entire cloud environment with infrastructure code that’s transparent and auditable?
  • How do you rollout DevOps practices and skills across our organization?

Ultimately, every business has unique priorities — as well as your own culture, technology, and processes that inform how DevOps will work for you. 

We’ll help you gain benefits across your operations, such as:

  • Deploy more frequently: With fluid workflows, you can deploy on-demand, multiple times a day, rather than wait (and wait and wait).
  • Go to market faster: Fewer bottlenecks means you can compress development into a handful of months, so you deliver value faster.
  • Minimize failures in new releases: With glitches worked out early you can improve profitability, productivity, and customer satisfaction on the first try. 
  • Decrease lead time in fixes: Efficient processes turn months into hours and help you avoid long lead times that frustrate customers and zap budgets.

Let’s face it: Modern business runs on software. And at the heart of software is DevOps. At SingleStone, we can help you build quick, efficient, and sustainable solutions that deliver quality digital products to customers, no matter the goals that drive you. 

Anticipate the landscape and build for tomorrow. We’ll help lead the way.

Ryan Shriver

Chief Technology Officer
Ryan Shriver, our Chief Technology Officer, specializes in solving complex technical problems and is a trusted partner to some of our biggest clients. Ryan is passionate about teaching and mentoring: in addition to leading our Cloud and DevOps team, Ryan teaches Problem Solving for Designers at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Arts.