SingleStone’s Cloud Expertise

November 1, 2019
Cloud Expertise at SingleStone, AWS, Azure

Gone are the expensive, onerous days of managing offsite data centers. Today’s business environment demands the speed and agility that only the cloud offers.

But, just because you’re in the cloud doesn’t mean you’re flying high. Cloud-based enterprises require ongoing management like optimized architectures, strong security, and skilled employees (and more!) for everything to run efficiently. 

SingleStone can help you go from concept to implementation and beyond with the creativity and analytical skills needed to maximize what’s possible.

Here, we’re passionate technologists who apply empathy and humanity to develop tech-driven ecosystems that take business to new heights. We operate with 100% cloud-based solutions and have been working in the cloud since its inception. Along the way, we’ve dedicated our efforts to helping our clients achieve true enterprise speed and agility at scale. In fact, over the past six years, we’ve delivered over 60 cloud projects to more than five Fortune 500 companies.

As your partner, we’ll help you answer questions like:

  • How do we create fully compliant automated pipelines for our applications and infrastructure?
  • Can we rapidly accelerate our speed from concept to revenue?
  • How do we introduce resiliency engineering practices and reduce manual toil?
  • Is it possible to transform traditional IT platform teams into self-service API-driven cloud platforms? 
  • Can we meet all of these needs securely?

Full-Spectrum Support 

When you engage our team, we support you across every area of need. So, once you know the goals you want to meet, we’re your partner driving innovation and efficiency. And we’ll build infrastructure to support a cohesive ecosystem that connects to your breadth of business goals.

Mentorship and Skills Development

From the start, we mentor your employees, so they develop the necessary skills to become confident and comfortable operating your systems. We can also help you build an entire cloud-based curriculum that provides ongoing coursework for professional development.

Team Insights

Goodbye old-school HR hierarchies! Our cloud-based tool, Team Insights, turns HR data into real-time knowledge about who’s on your team, what they’re doing, and how to make strategic business decisions. This product runs on a modern SaaS platform and employs principles and best practices we’ve learned over the years.

Whether you’re already in the cloud or need to get there, we’ll provide the support and know-how to meet your needs. By building for every stage of business, we’ll help you accelerate your modern tech journey — and push you into a new business stratosphere.

Ryan Shriver

Chief Technology Officer
Ryan Shriver, our Chief Technology Officer, specializes in solving complex technical problems and is a trusted partner to some of our biggest clients. Ryan is passionate about teaching and mentoring: in addition to leading our Cloud and DevOps team, Ryan teaches Problem Solving for Designers at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Arts.