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When architecture ages without proper care, it becomes a liability and competitive disadvantage. Systems are slower and harder to change, increasing costs and reducing speed. The people using them are also at a competitive disadvantage and frustrated with limiting their own results. Does this describe your reality?

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Architecture Modernization

Convert aging architecture into more modern, nimble, and adaptable architecture using the latest tech innovations and architectural patterns. Our modernization work creates a competitive advantage from what was a competitive disadvantage.  The result: easier to evolve architecture that enables faster flow, readily accessible data, and more productive teams.

Domain Driven Discovery

Start your Architecture Modernization journey with our Domain-Driven Discovery process, an integrated four-step method for achieving your modernization outcomes with a wholistic focus on people, process and technology. Featured in InfoQ, our visual approach and expertise quickly understands your current state, creates a desired future state architecture and lays out a clear roadmap for success in a matter of weeks.

Domain Driven Discovery Loop
Domain Driven Cloud

Our Domain-Driven Cloud (DDC) approach creates your organization’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure architecture based on your business model. Built on our Domain-Driven Discovery method, DDC creates a unifying architecture spanning business domains, software systems and cloud infrastructure. With a wholistic focus on people, process and technology, DDC improves team autonomy and cost transparency while simplifying security and governance.


Cloud Capabilities Checklist

Modern systems architecture is complex. We simplify it with a checklist your team can use to reduce stress and increase confidence with their modern architecture running in the cloud. Curated over nearly a decade of experience migrating Fortune 500 and leading tech companies to AWS and Azure, your team can use the same list our experts use to verify you’ve thought through the capabilities you’ll need for success.

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Cloud Foundation Accelerators

You don’t have to sacrifice quality for speed when creating your modern cloud architecture. We’re experts at using the latest AWS and Azure Landing Zones to quickly create a strong, secure architecture aligned to well-architected principles and your business model. Your teams don’t need to fumble their way through the complexities of creating a robust cloud foundation - do it right the first time and teach your team the skills to be successful in the cloud. Didn’t do it right the first time? We can fix this, too.

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Agile Cloud Migrations

With nearly a decade of experience, we’ve become experts at not just creating robust cloud architectures but also repeatable team-friendly Agile processes for migrating your workloads to the cloud. Don’t start your migration guessing what to do first, let us help your team embrace the exciting possibilities of the cloud while avoiding stress and headaches of migration.

Quick overview
Enterprise Data Framework

When organizations create large data lakes and centralized teams responsible for collecting, processing and serving enterprise data it becomes difficult to find, access, and use data. Value is lost. Time and money are wasted. People are frustrated and making important decisions on data they don’t trust.

Our Enterprise Data Platform weaves together domain-driven design, data governance as code and data mesh architecture built on a robust platform in AWS or Azure. Combined with our human-centered design approach, we focus on getting your data consumers the right information to make critical business decisions with confidence while delivering a distributed system that evolves with your changing business model.

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Ryan Shriver, SingleStone CTO

Ryan Shriver

Chief Technology Officer

With over 20 years of designing, building and launching scalable digital products and services, SingleStone has honed our skills on modernizing software, cloud and data systems for our enterprise customers with a wholistic focus on people, process and technology.

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