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Machine Learning 101

by Matthew Cloney
Machine learning engineers implementing algorithm

Machine Learning is everywhere. We use it in our daily lives to find faster routes between home and work, to meet new friends on social media apps, and sometimes, to buy things we didn’t…

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SingleStone’s Training Expertise

by Sara Marcus

Keeping pace in today’s economy requires more than implementing the proper technology solutions. It also requires paying attention to emerging trends, encouraging disruption and embracing innovation. Training, upskilling…

SingleStone’s Evolution

by Jimmy Chou

In 2006, I joined SingleStone with one simple goal: demonstrate how consulting can be done differently. I have always loved solving problems across organizations, from my early career…

Hallmark 2: Empower Teams

by Tricia Rhodes

Frustrating bottlenecks. Sluggish decision making. Lackluster results. Waste, waste, and more waste.  We’ve all seen and likely experienced all these things. They are a common byproduct of traditional…