Tricia Rhodes

Chief Employee Experience Officer
As our Chief Employee Experience Officer, Tricia is the champion of our corporate culture. She has been key to creating a company where people are encouraged to contribute, rewarded for trying new things, and supported when taking risks.

Thought Leadership

A Culture of “Better” Redefines Consulting

Rarely are consulting firms praised for their unique culture, work-life balance, or tight-knit community. Those features are associated with big tech brands like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. These…

Culture Shock: 5 Simple Steps to Building a Great Place to Work.

A great company culture starts with authenticity and personal relationships. Tear down the cubicles, buy a treadmill desk, ask your CEO to wear jeans and there you have…

Hallmark 2: Empower Teams

Frustrating bottlenecks. Sluggish decision making. Lackluster results. Waste, waste, and more waste.  We’ve all seen and likely experienced all these things. They are a common byproduct of traditional…