February 15, 2022

In a world full of tech companies, why SingleStone?

In a time when people are leaving their jobs more than ever, why SingleStone? The job market is hot and I want to dive deeper into some tangible reasons why SingleStone is the total package.

Clearly, I’m biased. I’ve been a part of this amazing team for nearly 15 years and can’t imagine working with a better group of people. I could go on and on about our team, our culture, and how refreshing it is to be my true self at work - all are critical factors when choosing between one company and another. But, people and culture are the cherries on top of a great workplace. I want the entire sundae.

Compensation and incentives

SingleStone’s compensation philosophy directly reflects our vision and values and provides rewards aimed to recognize, retain, and incentivize our greatest asset – our people. We take a market-driven approach to compensation, meaning we pay at or above market rate for the skills and expertise an individual brings to our firm. We also believe it’s important to reward the results and behaviors that drive short and long-term success for our firm. We work hard to ensure that incentives are balanced between individuals and the team.

Speaking of incentives, everyone at SingleStone is eligible for a profit-sharing bonus at the end of the year. If the firm exceeds goals and financial targets, we want to be sure that our people share in any rewards being distributed across the team. We award spot bonuses to individuals that exceed expectations and go above and beyond to support our team. Spot bonuses are an opportunity for someone to step in, take charge, really make an impact on the client or the team, and be rewarded for their extra effort.

The total package

SingleStone offers employees a comprehensive benefits package that includes standard offerings like a 401k plan, health and dental insurance, and life and disability insurance. We pay 100% of the employee’s premium cost and 50% of premium costs for spouses and eligible dependents. Like our approach to compensation, we strive to meet or exceed the market in terms of total rewards.

At SingleStone, we value authenticity and encourage people to bring their whole selves to work. Whether someone has surgery, loses a loved one, welcomes a newborn, adopts a child...life is unpredictable and we’re all human! We give people the time they need to overcome difficult seasons and celebrate joyous moments in life.

In 2017, SingleStone reevaluated its policies to be more progressive with family leave benefits. With the birth or adoption of a child, SingleStone provides 12 weeks of fully paid parental leave to any full-time employee who is the primary caregiver. Secondary caregivers are eligible for three weeks of fully paid parental leave. In an ideal world, Netflix’s 52-week parental leave policy would be the standard at every company. There’s always room for improvement but I’m proud of the changes we’ve made and the direction we’re headed.

Time away

Our Founder is European and has always approached work-life balance with a more progressive and flexible mindset. Since our company was founded in 1997, we’ve had a time-off policy that is equitable and accessible to everyone. We don’t assume what days people want to take off and instead have a “bank of PTO” for employees to use as they see fit. Our employees are in control and empowered to use their 30 days away from the office however they wish.

Virtual first

We’re fortunate that our team has continued to grow despite major changes in the workplace in recent years. It’s important to us that employees can be productive at home, or in the office, so we make sure they have access to other perks that make working remotely a little easier.

  • You can borrow a desk, office chair, and external monitor from our office.
  • We give everyone an annual home office stipend, and we're happy to buy specific items and let you borrow them or reimburse you for any expense within reason that will help you do your job better.
  • We provide laptops and professional licenses or subscriptions.
  • You have resources for paid workshops, training, and continuing education.

We're navigating remote work just like everyone else, but we are making incredible strides to put things in place for both out-of-town folks and people here in Richmond. We go above and beyond to make sure that our entire team feels connected, engaged, and supported. We're better together, so we created some one-of-a-kind team building opportunities to stay connected while we’re apart:

Simply the best

Our people and our culture are the reason why people join our team. It’s also the reason they stay for as long as they do. We’re a quirky, diverse group of people who care deeply about the quality of work we produce and the relationships we have with each other. We may drive each other crazy from time to time, but I think most would say they wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

I love this team. I’m in awe of their talent, character, and dedication to helping us be the best firm we can be. I had a hunch that working at SingleStone would help me become a better professional. What I didn't expect was that working would help me become a better person...and that's why I choose SingleStone.


Tricia Rhodes

Chief People Officer
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