December 2, 2020

SingleStone's Jimmy Chou honored with Richmond Technology Council's 2020 Male Ally Award

Jimmy Chou, CEO

SingleStone is proud to share that Jimmy Chou, the firm’s Chief Executive Officer, has been recognized with the Male Ally award, presented on behalf of Richmond Technology Council’s 2020 MLM Awards.

The Male Ally Award is given to a senior male figure who has demonstrated a tremendous effort to advance women in IT within an organization or the community. Nominations for this category required case studies and examples to illustrate how each candidate consistently and strategically prioritized the involvement of women in technology throughout their careers.

As the Chief Executive Officer at SingleStone, Jimmy is a firm believer in creating a diverse and inclusive workplace that supports and encourages people of all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Throughout his fourteen years with SingleStone, he has continuously advocated for the advancement of women in IT. Under Jimmy’s direction and guidance, he ensured the firm’s Senior Leadership Team was comprised of fifty-percent women to better shape the company’s vision, strategy, and culture.

“I was fortunate enough to work with Jimmy on a few projects early in my career, and although I had the most junior role in our firm, he did not hesitate to support me,” said Mary Bowen Artus, Senior Consultant at SingleStone. “I had never met a senior leader who was so committed to my learning and growth. I felt valuable and empowered to become a leader myself. I wish every person had a mentor like Jimmy—someone who recognizes their passion and potential and creates space for them to light that passion on fire.”

Jimmy also championed the creation of the Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) at SingleStone, an internal forum that provides women with the opportunity to learn from one another, share stories, and build a community together. Not only did he advocate for the launch of this important female-driven initiative, he also made sure the program was fully funded. Believing there was an opportunity to have a larger impact locally, Jimmy encouraged program leaders to expand the WLI outside of SingleStone and provide other women in IT an opportunity to join.

“While I work with many incredible people, I want to acknowledge the impact that women at SingleStone have had on me, both personally and professionally,” said Jimmy. “I can say, without a doubt, that SingleStone is a better firm because of each and every woman on our team. I’m in awe of their inspiration, compassion, brilliance, creativity, and strength.”

In addition to his role at SingleStone, Jimmy serves as a mentor and guest speaker for Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Richmond, providing council, advice, and encouragement to the next generation of leaders. He also supports and contributes to Girls Who Code, an organization dedicated to closing the gender gap in technology.

Richmond Technology Council’s MLM Awards recognize women in technology in the greater Richmond area. The program is named in honor of Margaret Lyn McDermid, who has directly impacted Central Virginia’s tech economy by improving opportunities for women and young people in tech.


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