July 30, 2020

Introducing Bounded Context: Exploring How Experts Solve Problems

I’ve always been interested in how people solve problems. Understanding their approach and what actions they pursue in search of a solution. I think about this a lot, and I think other people do too.

Bounded Context is a series exploring how experts solve problems

I've spent twenty-five years designing and building software-based systems. Throughout my career, I've been influenced by many technology thinkers and how they solve complex problems. In 2001, I discovered Agile, then Kanban, and later Design Thinking, and my eyes were opened to additional ways to solve problems. In 2013, when I co-created Mobius, it was our start of capturing a visual roadmap for problem-solving. Today, Mobius is considered the “first post-Agile framework,” and gaining traction in companies focused on outcomes over output.

I created Bounded Context to explore how leading thinkers solve problems. I’m doing this because I’m naturally curious. And, in hopes you might discover a piece of knowledge to help you become a better problem solver. While most of our guests are technologists, this won’t always be the case.

So, join me on this journey every other Thursday starting July 30th as we learn together! Each episode includes a video podcast with curated show notes and recommended resources for further exploration. I’d like to thank my early guests: Don Mills, John Chapin, Joel Tosi, Dion Stewart, and Vida Williams who volunteered their time to launch this experiment. Without you this wouldn't be possible, so thank you! I’d also like to give a big shout out to Lindsay Rostek and Orlando Arias who’ve done all the work to launch this thing. It looks wonderful and you both rock!


Ryan Shriver

Chief Technology Officer
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