Yale Waller

SingleStone Alumni
Well versed in both the technical and statistics side of analytics, Yale Waller knows how to expertly convey complicated results and statistics in simple, effective language to management and other stakeholders. Yale brings over three years of experience, empowering organizations through state of the art machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Areas of Expertise


  • Python​
  • R
  • SQL Server​
  • AWS Aurora​
  • RavenDB​
  • MongoDB​
  • Neo4j​
  • Azure Cosmos DB"
  • AWS​
  • Microsoft Azure​
  • Snowflake
  • Spark​
  • Kafka
  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)​
  • Tableau​
  • PowerBI


  • Relational database design​
  • Graph database design​
  • Model design​
  • Feature definition​
  • Data ethics​
  • Model management

Thought Leadership

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