Prescott Nichols

Chief Marketing & Customer Experience Officer
Leading SingleStone’s client management, client operation, and marketing teams is none other than Prescott Nichols. Prescott is focused on helping SingleStone and its clients grow—exponentially. His 25+ years in marketing, technology, management consulting, and Human Resources at leading companies like Capital One, USAA, MCI, Verizon, Phillips, and Deloitte have given him a unique and extensive background in optimizing delivery systems and transformations. Prescott has helped organizations with cloud migrations, data transformations, Agile adoption, and culture reinventions. He’s certified LEAN/AGILE SAFe, PMP portfolio management, TA workforce analytics, and Six Sigma. He received his MBA from William & Mary — go Tribe!— and his bachelor’s in mass communication from Saint Bonaventure University. Ask Prescott about his days touring in a band, how he helped lead strategy and launch of the Walmart and Capital One partnership program, and what his go-to bottle of wine is these days.

Thought Leadership

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SingleStone’s Product Expertise

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