Prescott Nichols

Prescott Nichols

Head of Product & Business Development
Prescott Nichols is Head of Product at SingleStone.

Thought Leadership

Commercial Loans & CARES Act: 4 Steps to Improved Customer Experiences through Automation

The recent CARES Act is challenging financial institutions in a new way.  Read my previous article on this topic.  The demand on the system, the shifting requirements and liability, the…

Banks on the Front Lines with CARES Act: EIDL & PPP

These are unprecedented times.  Many small businesses are desperate for capital now but are having to wait on the lines as questions are asked/answered and approval is granted….

Summiting the Mountain, Scaling Agile SAFEly

Transform your business, they said…It’s easy, just use the Agile SAFe methodology, they said…It will be fun, they said. To be clear, I have never scaled a mountain….

SingleStone’s Product Expertise

We live in a world of immediacy.  Do you want a very-berry peanut butter smoothie?  Just click “yes” on your favorite mobile app, and it will be at your doorstep in…