Luke Hobbs

DevOps Engineer
Luke has 5+ years experience working with CI/CD and Infrastructure as Code tooling. He has experience both implementing best practices as a supporting DevOps Engineer for an app-dev team, as well as enforcing enterprise-wide governance and controls to enforce best practices. Expertise in CI/CD, Infrastructure as Code, Microservices, Serverless applications, AWS Services.​

Areas of Expertise


  • Java​
  • Enterprise Application Architecture​
  • Distributed Systems Design​
  • Service-Oriented Architecture​
  • Cloud-Native Architecture​
  • Message and Event Based Architecture​
  • RESTful API Design​
  • AWS API Gateway​
  • AWS Lambda​
  • AWS​
  • Pipeline design and development​
  • Infrastructure as Code​
  • Cloud Native Architecture​
  • Cloud Infrastructure​
  • Virtual Servers​
  • Serverless​
  • Docker​
  • ECS Fargate
  • GitHub​
  • GitLab​
  • Jenkins​
  • CircleCI​
  • AWS CloudFormation​
  • Terraform
  • Chef​
  • Cloud Compute​
  • Cloud Storage​
  • Cloud Security​
  • Cloud Networking​
  • Resiliency
  • Logging​
  • Monitoring​
  • Alerting​
  • Observability
  • Python​
  • Acceptance Test Driven Development​
  • Automated Testing​
  • Integrating tests with CI/CD pipelines​

Thought Leadership

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