Chris Belyea

Technical Director (DevOps)
Chris Belyea is SingleStone’s Cloud and DevOps Technical Director. Chris guides clients through Cloud and DevOps transformations, including cloud strategy, migrating workloads to the cloud, automating infrastructure deployment, creating CI/CD pipelines, and improving automated configuration management.

Areas of Expertise


  • Pipeline design and development​
  • Infrastructure as Code​
  • Cloud Native Architecture​
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Amazon Web Services​
  • Microsoft Azure​
  • Google Compute Platform
  • Virtual Servers​
  • Serverless​
  • Docker​
  • Kubernetes​
  • ECS Fargate
  • GitHub​
  • GitLab​
  • Jenkins​
  • CircleCI​
  • AWS Code Pipeline​
  • Azure DevOps
  • AWS CloudFormation​
  • Azure Resource Templates​
  • Terraform
  • Ansible​
  • Puppet​
  • Chef
  • Python​
  • Powershell
  • Cloud Compute​
  • Cloud Storage​
  • Cloud Security​
  • Cloud Networking​
  • Resiliency ​
  • Logging​
  • Monitoring​
  • Alerting​
  • Observability

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