Leah Cunningham, Engineering Manager at Verica, joins Ryan Shriver for Bounded Context EP 21. They cover chaos engineering, the benefits of task conflict, best practices for managing teams, acknowledging fallibility in leadership roles, the importance of playing > planning, and so much more.VericaChaos EngineeringCasey RosenthalAccelerate, Nicole Forsgren Ph.D., Jez Humble, and Gene KimMob Programming, Woody ZuillSemantic Diffusion, Martin FowlerRevenge of the PMO, Marty CaganSpaghetti Tower Marshmallow ChallengeThe Electric Fetus, Minneapolis MNLeah’s soundtrack: Grant Green, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Trampled by TurtlesBounded Context: Spotify, Apple

Leah Cunnginham

Leah Cunnginham

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