Anne-Jeanette LeBell has over 25 years of proven success in software engineering and architecture. She cofounded BankShift, a mobile and web application to help people manage money, see assets in one place, make payments, shuffle money around, and accomplish what needs to get done within accounts. Her experience includes enterprise-scale technology development, modernization and improvement initiatives, operations, and aligning technology services with business goals.This episode covers the emergence of open banking, the motivation behind BankShift, starting a business from the ground up, navigating gender stereotypes, how empathy and uncomfortable conversations can yield change, and so much more.Notes:BankShiftHow does BankShift work?Julie ElberfeldA Cloud GuruCodeRVAAlison LevineDomain-Driven Design, Eric Evans

Anne-Jeanette LeBell

Anne-Jeanette LeBell

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