Whether you’re the CIO of a health insurance provider or the Technology Fellow within a large health system, you’ve likely encountered obstacles to digital transformation.

You know your organization lags in adoption of innovative technologies, but siloed structures, lack of coordination, talent gaps and security concerns all stifle adoption.

The pace of change and consumer expectations around engagement are only accelerating. You need a partner who pairs deep technical expertise with creative and strategic prowess to help you achieve speed and agility at scale and leverage your data as an asset.

We can help you...

  • Increase patient and member engagement
  • Improve employee experience
  • Stand out versus your competition
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve speed to market
  • Increase revenue

On May 22, 2019, we hosted a webinar entitled “Consumer Engagement: Benchmarking Health Insurance Provider Technology Investments and Priorities,” where we shared results from proprietary research and featured a client who discussed lessons learned in tech disruption from financial services.

If you’re interested in learning more about the research, check out the White Paper and Infographic:

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If you’re ready to take action, check out the Executive Brief, or email us to receive a copy of the Webinar

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