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For 19 years, the idea that there’s a better way to do business, a better way to serve customers, a better way to approach teamwork, has driven SingleStone’s mission-oriented approach to consulting. We see business as an opportunity to serve one another and succeed together, so we work with our clients to create better ways to collaborate, help customers and constantly improve. 

Who is SingleStone?

  • We think like your customers. And we’re always searching for new ways for you to strengthen your relationship with them. 
  • We don’t believe one size fits all. The team we build and the solutions they create will be custom-tailored to address your needs. 
  • We’re agile and flexible. Incremental solution delivery makes us adaptable and accountable. 
  • We see the big picture. We have the experts and the expertise to ensure we’re solving the right problem in the right way.
  • We empower clients. We want you to be independent and self-sustaining, so we emphasize learning and collaboration.

About Our Name

Our name, SingleStone, refers to the expanding ripples that a single stone thrown into a body of water creates. It’s an important visual for us because we believe a single interaction can have the same effect in someone’s day, or even life. And because so many of a person’s interactions each day are with companies, we believe that we can make a positive difference in people’s lives just by making those customer or employee experiences good ones.

Getting customer experience right isn’t easy, but it’s important to do—for business reasons, sure—but also because these experiences have an effect on us all. If someone walks away from an experience with one of our clients with a smile on their face, we change their day. If we change enough days, we change the world. 


Our Fearless Leaders

Chris Little, Founding Principal & CEO

Based on diverse career experiences working at GE, an internet startup and elsewhere, Chris saw a need for employers to set higher standards for employee satisfaction and fulfillment. Determined to do his part, he started SingleStone in 1997, with a specific purpose to build an exceptional place to work.

Since then SingleStone has stayed “on purpose," and been recognized by Virginia Business, Outside and Fortune magazines, and the Great Place to Work Institute as a best place to work in America. As a natural consequence, SingleStone’s team consistently delivers exceptional client satisfaction and positive community impact.

In tandem with serving as SingleStone’s CEO, Chris works closely with client executives to deliver customer experience improvements that drive tangible business results. He also advises them on transforming their own workplaces.

A native of Ireland, Chris has BS and MS degrees from the University of Scranton and is a graduate of GE’s Financial Management Program. He serves on the boards of Comfort Zone Camp, The Richmond Forum and the Virginia Institute of Autism.

Jimmy Chou, Principal

Jimmy Chou 

Jimmy is a principal at SingleStone and leads our consulting and sales teams’ focus on the financial services and insurance industry. He’s one of those rare people who sees the big picture, but also understands the details that come together to create it. Under his leadership, our teams deliver exceptional value to clients as they ensure every problem is heard, every need is met, and every client has more knowledge and confidence after working with SingleStone. 

Previously, Jimmy worked at BearingPoint and Cigna Corporation. He graduated from Wake Forest University, where he was the captain and MVP of the men’s varsity tennis team. He is a CFA Charterholder.

Jimmy is an active supporter of SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now) and the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a volunteer-driven charity committed to funding the most promising childhood cancer research (he and his sons shave their heads each spring at the annual St. Baldrick’s fundraiser). He loves all foods, but especially noodles.

Anthony Wenzel, Principal

Anthony Wenzel

Anthony began his career with SingleStone just one year after the company’s founding, and has since then led the development of our technology practices. A seasoned technology leader, he advises our clients and leads teams that are passionate about the many ways that technology can drive business results and create great customer experiences. He also directs our partnerships, finance and operations teams. 

Anthony’s own professional passion is optimism. He brings a positive attitude to every partnership meeting, client engagement and employee interaction. With an infectious smile, he’ll help clients navigate business and make the tough decisions that will help them succeed. He engages our partners as ambassadors of our brand, challenging them to exceed client expectations hand-in-hand with our team. Most importantly, he is a trusted advisor to his teammates and a champion of their goals and hard work. 

Tricia Rhodes, Director of Employee Experience

Tricia Rhodes 

As the director of employee experience, Tricia is the champion of our corporate culture. She has been key to creating a company where people are encouraged to contribute, rewarded for trying new things, and supported when taking risks. A firm believer in cultivating human capital, Tricia serves as a trusted confidant and career steward to every member of the SingleStone team. She is proud of the ownership mentality that prevails here and recognizes that people do their best work in an environment that values them both professionally and personally.

Since joining SingleStone in 2007, Tricia has built a recruiting team that attracts superb talent from across the Richmond region and beyond. In combination with traditional HR leadership, she leads the integration of our values into all facets of our firm and directs many of our philanthropic efforts in the Richmond community.

Our Thinking

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We see business as an opportunity to serve one another and succeed together. We work with our clients to create new and better ways to collaborate, help customers and constantly improve. Have questions you still need answered? We want to hear from you. Please get in touch with us today for more information. 

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