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Reducing Inefficiencies in Resource Scheduling

Our custom scheduling application optimizes the capacity of nurse practitioners, improving healthcare delivery and efficiency

increase in appointments booked per day

Increased calls made per day, and efficiency of appointment scheduling

A healthcare delivery company’s growth was hindered by the platform it was using to manage scheduling of its large and geographically dispersed nurse practitioner workforce. The scheduling platform was not aligned with the company’s business processes, resulting in costly operational inefficiencies related to call center throughput, workforce optimization, and provider services interactions. 

SingleStone was asked to design and build a custom logistics and scheduling application that provided stability during a period of rapid and continuing growth, had the flexibility and scalability to grow with the business, and was optimized for the company’s business processes and operations. 

Seamless Management of Complex Logistics

In collaboration with our client, SingleStone developed a simplified user experience, driven by updated technology and the seamless integration of multiple back-end systems to manage the complex logistics of nurse practitioner locations and schedules. The improved user experience: 

  • Reduced the number of screens/systems that call center representatives needed to access to schedule an appointment and locate member information
  • Leveraged geospatial technology to more effectively plan Nurse Practitioner’s schedules, factoring in drive times, traffic, and appointment locations in relationship to one another, as well as start and end locations

An Efficient, Scalable Business Model

Through updated processes, a new UX design and the implementation of systems that could manage the complex scheduling logistics of our client’s nurse practitioners, the new platform:

  • Increased efficiency of appointment scheduling - calls made per day have increased by 12%
  • Increased the number of appointments booked in a day by 24%