improve customer service

Multi-Channel Options Reduce Customer Service Costs

CRM platforms, geospatial technology and improved operations increase customer adoption of self-service channels

VDOT’s customer service call center serves as the single point of contact for Virginia’s citizens to report hazardous road conditions, submit work requests (such as filling potholes or removing road debris), and request information on road conditions and construction projects. However, it wasn’t easy for citizens to make important reports and requests. Citizens did not have multiple channel options for contacting VDOT, the customer interface for reporting problems was not user-friendly, and citizens did not receive acknowledgement or follow-up on requests made. This resulted in frustrated customers and an unmanageable volume of calls being made to the call center. 

Putting Multiple Channels to Use

VDOT, who saw the need to improve and update operations and technology in order to make reporting easier, and make responding more efficient, brought in a multi-disciplinary team from SingleStone. SingleStone helped VDOT expand and enhance its service capabilities by:

  • Integrating multi-channel options, including voice, web and mobile self-service
  • Implementing enriched caller-recognition and customer relationship management features 
  • Updated the agency’s technology by customizing and integrating the Avaya and Microsoft Dynamics CRM platforms to meet VDOT’s unique needs 

Satisfied Customers and Internal Efficiency

The new system is intuitive and easy to use, and lets citizens follow the processing of their request and the completion of work in real time. Multi-channel options and updated customer relationship management capabilities have lead to decreased customer service costs and increased customer satisfaction. The impact to the customer service operations and to the citizens of Virginia have included:

  • Increased first call resolutions
  • Broadened customer engagement through automated and self-service communications channels
  • Improved operational data and reporting to enable more effective decision making


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