Interaction remodeling focuses teams and strengthens organizational collaboration

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The client, a Fortune 150 company and global leader in the aerospace, defense, and securities industries, embarked on a digital transformation journey in 2020. They created two internal organizations, one in charge of data management and one charged with overseeing and leading digital transformation initiatives. The relative newness of both internal teams created several critical gaps in the modernization process. The client needed to unify the two business divisions to continue evolving and executing desired outcomes. ​

With several different teams involved in efforts that spanned both organizations, SingleStone was uniquely positioned with lines of sight into both internal divisions. We, in collaboration with key client stakeholders, identified several pain points between the two organizations: encumbered communication, undefined roles and responsibilities, and competing goals and desired outcomes. SingleStone escalated these observations to the client who entrusted us to evaluate and recommend an interaction model for the data and digital transformation teams to work together more effectively to accomplish long-term objectives


SingleStone formed an interaction model team focused on closing the gaps between the two business divisions. We interviewed 12 key stakeholders and gathered relevant documentation on the current state of interaction over the course of 6 weeks. Based on the analysis of the interviews and documentation, the team provided recommendations for a strategic path forward. This discovery helped us solidify and clarify two models the client was already implementing and create a third model, specifically tailored to address the pain points and gaps resulting from the initial two models. These models were presented and socialized over the course of multiple presentations to key stakeholders and executive leadership.


  • We recognized the client’s need to unify the two business divisions and helped them see where the organization was experiencing knowledge and communication gaps. ​
  • We analyzed the current interaction model and identified silos between the two teams. This discovery led to closing critical gaps in the modernization process and helped the client reach desired outcomes faster.​
  • Our client had a brilliant engineering mindset but lacked the capacity to strategically address their specific pain points. We leveraged lines of sight into both internal divisions to create an interaction model that helped them discover there’s a more optimal way to work.

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