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Improving Efficiency in Enterprise Team Management

Our custom-built team management tool improves efficiency and data quality across an entire organization

A division within a Fortune 200 financial services organization needed to replace multiple cumbersome tools with a single web-based labor management application. The existing set of tools could not scale to meet the ever-changing needs of the various lines of business within the corporation. It was missing critical functionality, was not easy to use, was not configurable and was highly fragmented. All of these factors led to high effort and low adoption.

SingleStone was hired, over a period of 10 weeks, to design and build an MVP, as well as mentor the in-house development team on agile engineering best practices.

Design Thinking Leads to Scalable Results

During the course of the initial design thinking sessions, it became clear that the organization would benefit from expanding the scope of the labor management tool to encompass the entire organization. SingleStone quickly responded to the changing needs by re-envisioning the visual and technical design to enable a more powerful and flexible system.

SingleStone designed and developed an enhanced user experience that included: 

  • Personnel management
  • Recruiting management and process automation
  • Integration with internal systems
  • Configuration
  • Sophisticated dashboards
  • Email notifications 

In parallel, we also created automated functional tests and a continuous delivery pipeline to improve efficiency and reliability of the application.

An Efficient, Scalable Application

This more flexible application:

  • Drove adoption through enhanced usability
  • Improved efficiency through automation of manual processes 
  • Improved data quality across the organization