Improved Time to Market With Customer Communications Management

Platform modernization and back office process reengineering improve customer experience and speed to market 

Reduction in time require to deploy a communication update

Reduced from 10 months to 2 weeks

A large insurer was experiencing significant customer complaints and operational congestion with their customer correspondence. Hindered by legacy technologies requiring excessive custom coding and lacking the basic formatting functionality of industry peers, our client required a new customer communication architecture that would enable accelerated time-to-market while also facilitating technology agility for the support of future initiatives.

Experience Makes a Difference

Recognizing the program’s significant customer impact, the client looked beyond large system integrators for a specialized firm with extensive experience managing and migrating communications platforms. Following a detailed assessment of the client’s current communication challenges and future aspirations, SingleStone helped define and execute a customer communication modernization effort. Focus areas:

  • Business case development 
  • Vendor evaluation 
  • Architecture design
  • Communication redesign and content rationalization
  • Target operating model definition

Customer Satisfaction, Faster and Cheaper

Agile technologies combined with proven, task specific processes dramatically increased speed to market while empowering business owners with greater access and control of their customer communications. The customer communications modernization effort produced:

  • 90% reduction in time required to deploy a typical communication update (reduced from 10 months to 2 weeks)
  • 23% reduction in the number of images produced.  Less paper, less postage, less equipment
  • 80% reduction in number of forms under management
  • 20+ point increases in customer satisfactions scores