Enabling growth for evidence-based mental health practitioners in Virginia ​



The Center for Evidence-based Partnerships in Virginia (CEPVa), housed in the client’s Department of Psychology, needed to develop a “credentialing” app for mental health service practitioners trained in evidence-based programs (EBPs). The trend towards evidence-based mental health services means practitioners are certified in specific technologies and the Commonwealth of Virginia is low on having these credentials. The client had the resources to pay for people to get the appropriate training but needed a scalable solution for knowing where credentialed mental health service providers were located throughout the state and desired a portal to track and search the status of training and certification of its practitioners. SingleStone was asked to build a simple interface for searching a database of credentialed providers; to fashion a well-built infrastructure and database; to enact a smooth transition to our TechOps team for post-launch support; and to provide a simple way to manage the data.


SingleStone held a pre-start meeting with rapid, quick prototyping that shaped how we approached the solution. We rallied around the problem and stripped away the excess to find a solution that worked in the desired timeframe of under 6 weeks. ​

We leveraged leading tools that were easy for the end users to maintain with almost no learning curve. Using a simple tech stack, we created an innovative, low code/no code solution that could be enhanced over time with additional features and functionality to eventual commercial utilization. The solution was customized using the client’s existing Google Sheets, which delivered a seamless process for managing data on the backend. ​

The SingleStone-Client duo was extremely collaborative and communicative throughout the project, keeping in mind the constraints and building a simple, user-friendly interface in the desired timeframe.


  • The application was live in 6 weeks. ​
  • The simple, customized solution enabled the client’s governance team to continue managing data and reporting in a tool they know how to use. ​
  • The portal of all registered practitioners allows the client to quickly identify whether to increase the number of EBPs or to reach out to practitioners with reminders, support, and even supply paid training information.

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