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Launching New Customers in a Day With DevOps

Organizational transformation increases quality and speed to market, doubling a company's sales pipeline

the number of qualified sales leads

The largest sales pipeline in company history, in terms of both volume and dollars.

In 2015, Collections Marketing Center (CMC), a software and solutions company that serves financial institutions, was growing fast and struggling with scalability. Sales of CredAgility, CMC’s enterprise platform, involved complex customization and custom-built features that were often hard to estimate and, ultimately, more complex than anticipated. As they grew, aggressive delivery promises created unhappy customers and disenchanted employees. Word of CMC’s struggles spread, negatively impacting their sales pipeline and stirring doubt among investors. 

The Agile Path to Transformation

Recognizing its high-growth challenges, CMC hired a new COO and engaged SingleStone as a strategic partner in its turnaround plan. During a 12-week consultancy, SingleStone helped CMC create a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement, focusing on: 

  • Agile transition
  • Product definition
  • Software quality 
  • Production support

The Future, Faster

Strong change leadership and Agile adoption, combined with a focus on quality assurance and DevOps automation, dramatically increased CMC’s speed to market. Today CMC can meet with a prospective client in the morning and deploy a fully configured, running environment for them by that afternoon. 

  • 95% of defects removed before customer use
  • 51% of production support costs eliminated, saving 170 hours per week
  • 20% faster response time for support tickets
  • 2x the number of qualified sales leads
Case Study
CMC's Turnaround Story

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