adopt devops and cloud

Embracing the Cloud for Speed and Agility

Migrating business critical apps to the cloud with DevOps and continuous delivery allows for innovation at startup speed

In recent years, a regulated Fortune 500 financial services company has shifted their strategic focus to becoming an industry leader in the digital space. As part of this new strategy, the company is investing significantly to migrate business critical apps from their on-premise data centers to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The goals of this five-year strategy are to improve time to market and business agility while reducing the costs of managing their own data centers. 

A Roadmap to Migration

Recognizing the complexity of a shift to the cloud, as well as the technical and financial considerations that accompany a migration, the company engaged SingleStone to partner with their Commercial Bank Line of Business to create a cloud migration strategy that included:

  • Analyzing their portfolio of 80+ apps to determine which were “migration ready”
  • Building a two-year migration roadmap based on financial and technical criteria 
  • Defining twenty one actionable recommendations for cloud migration and continuous delivery
  • Creating an Agile migration approach that was repeatable and adaptable
  • Designing and building a reference continuous delivery pipeline for their apps

The resulting strategy focused on four main themes:

  • Cloud Native Architectures to leverage resiliency and scalability on demand
  • Fiscally Responsible Migrations to lower migration and operating costs
  • Built-In Continuous Delivery to improve speed and agility of feature development
  • Grow DevOps Organization to mature the skills and capabilities of their associates

Innovation at Startup Speed

Upon completion of the strategy our client engaged SingleStone to implement the roadmap. Still in progress, our Cloud and DevOps solution team is providing Cloud Architecture and DevOps automation expertise as well as guidance on their Agile migration approach. While the organization is still in their initial phase of migration, early results are promising:

  • Time to provision and configure new environments reduced from weeks to hours
  • App teams can setup and teardown their environments with a few commands
  • Increased security by encrypting all data in the cloud and replacing plain-text passwords in configuration files with encrypted keys
  • All cloud environments are defined in “infrastructure code” that are secure, version controlled and auditable

Our client is well on their way to achieving their five-year strategy that will allow them to innovate at the speed of a start-up and improve the digital experience of their customers while leveraging secure, scalable infrastructure on demand.