SingleStone’s Training Expertise

November 1, 2019

Keeping pace in today’s economy requires more than implementing the proper technology solutions. It also requires paying attention to emerging trends, encouraging disruption and embracing innovation. Training, upskilling and empowering your teams in the right areas is the single greatest market advantage you can wield to create a cultural transformation to stay ahead – and act fast while remaining smart.

Our expertise runs deeper than building solutions that enable our clients to navigate their technology transformation.

SingleStone training expertise through Design thinking class for engineers data DevOps and software

As engineers, product managers, analysts, scrum masters, strategists and professional trainers – we practice and not preach.  Whether your organization is implementing improvements across DevOps, data, software, cloud migrations or going agile, the key to success is upskilling and adoption. Our cross-functional teams collaborate with you to develop approaches that have worked for us but are customized to fit your needs. 

How do we do this? We meet you – and your teams – where you are on your journey.

We believe in the power of digging deep, understanding where you want to go and empowering your teams to take matters into their own hands – within a consistent set of principles.  Here’s what that equates to: 

  • Engage directly, and frequently, with you – to understand first-hand what’s going well, and what’s not (you might be surprised!)
  • Assess your friction points, determining the skills gaps and subject areas that are holding your teams back
  • Provide tactical recommendations on how to deliver learning opportunities, customized to your specific business challenges, including:
    • One-on-one mentorship throughout our delivery lifecycle to ensure confidence, quality control, resistance mediation and adaption to change
    • Integrated, immersive agile coaching breaking down common barriers and inconsistencies, so teams work faster, better, happier
    • Design Thinking workshops introducing teams to a customer-centric, empathetic and experimental way of product development
    • Curriculum frameworks for areas such as cloud or data engineering, centered around the roles, concepts and tools specific to you
    • In-person training and hands-on exercises that captivate audiences and level the playing field for all those involved
    • Modularized, bite-sized videos, publications and interactive activities geared towards today’s on-demand market
  • Reinforce adoption by ensuring content doesn’t go stale, aligning your training strategy to enterprise imperatives and crowdsourcing ambassadors and knowledge to keep training top-of-mind 

Teaching, and learning, is in our roots.

“Help others be great” is one of our core values (and one I come back to often). It’s about bringing out the best in others, seeking to inspire change, becoming a stronger self – and team. 

A confident, motivated employee makes for happy, loyal customers. It’s a fact. At SingleStone, we’re focused on transforming companies into modern businesses that think and act differently. We’re here to make waves. 

Sara Marcus

Portfolio Delivery Lead
Sara Marcus, SingleStone's Training Solution Lead, is motivated by building connections with clients in order to make our solutions meaningful, realistic, and long-lasting. She loves that training is a cornerstone in every SingleStone engagement, providing an array of projects and clients. In her spare time, Sara is passionate about community outreach, maintaining her yoga practice, and taking long walks with her husband, son and dog.