April 14, 2021

SingleStone and Mobius Announce Strategic Partnership to Help Leaders Adopt a New Way of Thinking


Companies aim to help executive leadership respond to the post-Covid economy with an innovative and simple approach to problem solving 

SingleStone has announced its strategic partnership with Mobius, a global organization that specializes in coaching, training, and helping companies adopt its simple, yet innovative approach to problem-solving.

Mobius is an innovation navigator that combines aspects of both Design Thinking and Agile. Founded by Gabrielle Benefield in 2011, Mobius has helped many companies adopt its approach—enabling organizations to design strategy, develop products, and run operations using the same model. Today it’s used by companies across the globe in industries such as finance, insurance, and aerospace.

 “We are thrilled to partner with Gabrielle and increase awareness for Mobius,” said SingleStone CEO Jimmy Chou. “We’ve helped many clients adopt the Agile framework and know firsthand the appetite and need for iterative approaches to building products right. Mobius takes Agile a step further in a simplified, visual way, to ensure organizations are building the right products.” 

SingleStone and Mobius are hosting a Mobius Practitioner Class Series beginning on May 18, 2021. The four-week program begins with an introduction and overview of Mobius, then teaches individuals how to run a 4-hour workshop for their own teams. In addition to the live, weekly sessions, participants get 1:1 coaching, all templates and training materials, 24/7 access to the course, and receive a Mobius Practitioner Certificate. 

“I’m excited to work with SingleStone to bring Mobius to new clients throughout the U.S.,” said Mobius Founder Gabrielle Benefield. “I created Mobius to help the world realize that outcomes matter more than outputs. For too long, organizations have focused on building the wrong thing faster instead of delivering real value. When you use Mobius, that changes.” 

Those interested in learning more about Mobius and the Practitioner Class Series can visit this page.


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