Run-SSC: Software Maintenance Doesn’t Have To Be Tricky

May 20, 2021

Any Run-DMC fans out there?

Has your team or organization been wanting to build a new app but you lack the infrastructure, capacity, or skillset to host it? Or have you recently invested in a new product and worry your team is unprepared to own it—making your costly, time-consuming investment a waste? Have you wanted to venture into hosting on-premise applications in the cloud but don’t have the experienced cloud staff to run it? 

We’ll often hear these scenarios from our clients and step in to support their operations and get them back to business as usual. Whether we’re partnering with organizations to build and maintain applications or assisting companies with existing applications that require additional support or expertise—our Run Team is alert, prepared, and ready to deliver exceptional solutions to our clients.

Building applications and cloud migration is our bread and butter.

SingleStone has thrived in this area for many years. We keep excellent customer service at the heart of our work and helping our clients run and maintain applications is no exception.

We’ve also helped many organizations start and maintain their cloud migration journeys to take advantage of economies of scale and elastic services. At our core, we support clients by “keeping the lights on” so they can stay customer-focused and prioritize customer loyalty and their everyday activities.

So, how does our Run Team work?

When we build applications, we fully support:

  • Break/fix issues, bug fixes 
  • Limited new deployments 
  • Application data backup/restore and initial import 
  • Cloud hosting, monitoring, and log review​ 
  • Security monitoring and vulnerability management 

When customers need support for an existing application, we provide:​

  • Maintenance of existing automated testing suites (regression/smoke) ​ 
  • Development and deployment of additional tests to support ongoing practices
  • Cloud operational support for existing customer cloud environments or applications 

And, how do we work exceptionally well?

We focus on making this experience with our clients a true partnership. We are a safety net, a collaborator, and a team with a vested interest in seeing everyone succeed. We are responsive. We aim to exceed, or worst case, meet our target SLAs letting our customers know that help is on the way. Honestly and truly, we’re problem solvers at our core. We pride ourselves on the ability to swarm a problem and arrive at solutions quickly, getting the application back in service to keep businesses moving forward.

If you’re waiting on the infrastructure, capacity, or skillset to build the dream app for you and your team—don’t. Please, reach out and I’d be happy to share more about our Run Team’s current work and how we can get your idea off the ground, keep your systems running (and running well), and solve those tricky problems that just might be keeping you up at night.

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Don Mills

Chief Security Architect
A hacker at heart, Don Mills, is Chief Information Security Officer and a Cloud Architect genius. He has helped public and private organizations design, implement and secure their most crucial infrastructures for 20 years and holds about 40 active industry certifications.