April 7, 2021

Genuine Teams Attract Genuine Talent: Michael Hoovler

Genuine connection is at the heart of our organization. At SingleStone, we strive to make our people feel valued, encourage ideas to flow freely, and empower our teams to do their best work.

Our team is growing and changing every day and we’re fortunate to welcome some incredible people along for the ride. We're asking our new teammates to share more about their journey to SingleStone, and to prove that you can virtually onboard and genuinely connect in this remote reality.

We caught up with Michael Hoovler, Senior Data Consultant at SingleStone.

At what point in your interview process did you go “Okay, I want to work here.”

I first interacted with SingleStone back in September 2020, working as a subcontractor on a project. I knew I wanted to work there upon receiving the technical challenge given to all prospective data engineers. Despite my usual antipathy towards the concept of technical challenge projects, I found a deliberately constructed set of requirements that were uniquely crafted to test my technical knowledge as well as key professional attributes and personality traits.

This challenge revealed things about the people and their culture. They were discerning and judicious about choosing candidates by searching for uncompromising technical talent, unique experiences, various backgrounds, and fresh perspectives. I knew if I made it through the evaluation process, I’d be surrounded by some brilliant, wonderful people!

Describe a scenario that made you think “Okay, I’m in the right place.”

My decision to work here is affirmed on a daily basis. Nothing esoteric, but I often find myself in serendipitous situations, such as loving my work and enjoying the people. Additionally, SingleStone cares deeply for its internal team, and it shows. Therefore, I suppose each day makes me think, “Okay, I’m in the right place.”

Describe a situation that surprised you in a good way?

The same week that I received a Welcome Basket, I also received a package with a sticker clearly stating, “Do not open until noon on Friday, on this date!” I checked my calendar and saw that Firm Friday, (the weekly SingleStone company-wide gathering, and my first such meeting) started the moment I could open the box.

Allowing my ego to roam, I assumed there would be a big focus on welcoming and introducing me, and the box contained something to that end.

When the meeting started, however, I discovered that EVERYONE across the entire company received the same package! We discovered that the boxes contained fizzy water, flavor shots, ice-breaker questions, and other items that were meant to bring a sense of community and togetherness during the pandemic season when people are increasingly isolated and confined. I was abashed that I’d made it all about me, and surprised – in a good way – that the company took time and invested resources to help its people. The world could use more of this.

Describe a time that made you feel welcomed, valued, or supported by your team? What happened?

While I was subcontracting, I received praise and positive feedback from my peers at SingleStone – thanks and genuine appreciation were never withheld, even while working on an exceedingly difficult contract.

Within a week of officially being hired as a full-time employee, I received a package in the mail containing SingleStone-branded swag: a t-shirt, long-sleeved t-shirt, stainless-steel travel mug, and other little goodies. It had been so long since I really felt welcomed, valued, and appreciated like that, it hit me right in the feels.

We’re so happy to have you on the team, Michael! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Want to learn more about working at SingleStone? Shoot us a message if you’re interested in hearing about our career opportunities, or head to our careers page. We’d love to hear from you.


Michael Hoovler

Senior Data Consultant
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