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November 1, 2019

More than likely, your organization is generating massive amounts of data. In fact, typical data-centric enterprises manage more than 10 billion files annually — and that number is only growing.

Data Solution: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics

With the rise of IoT- and human-generated data, companies are creating more data than what they know what to do with. Lacking purpose, this data can remain dark and unstructured, leaving businesses with unrealized potential. What could be powerful insights driving customer engagement and innovation becomes opaque spreadsheets and red/yellow/green dashboards.

SingleStone is ready to help you transform your data — and seize the insights awaiting you. 

Since our founding, we’ve understood the exponentially growing importance of data on business priorities. And within the universe of rapidly expanding information, we understand how each data element holds a kernel of truth about your customers and about your products. You just need to know how to uncover the stories. Ultimately, your data reflects people’s behaviors and actions toward and with your products. With strategic vision, we’ll help you turn murky data into clear insights that drive innovative thinking, decisive action, and measurable results. 

In fact, in less than one month of announcing our data solutions, we partnered with a Fortune 100 financial institution to deliver best practices across documentation, testing, and a new standards framework. Today, their projects are back on track and exceeding objectives.

Building a Better Framework

Rather than focus only on solutions — which can limit our view into one angle of interpretation — we work from a design-centered perspective rooted in creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking. Within this framework, we’re better able to see what data you have and how it reflects your operations, your customers, and your products. From this perspective, we can extract the insights you need to create a path forward. Along the way, we’ll ensure your technology supports a cohesive ecosystem that connects across your short- and long-term goals.

Whether you need to improve governance, train employees, or another priority, we’re ready to lead the way. As your partner, we’ll help you answer common questions in five key areas, such as:

  • Governance: Is your data infrastructure transparent, secure, and auditable?
  • Availability: Did you democratize the data and make it accessible?
  • Enrichment: How can you produce elusive data insights faster to create change and profitability?
  • Consumption: Have you pushed your data into formats that people can easily understand and use?
  • Literacy: Do your employees have the skills they need to support an effective program?

No matter your industry, we can help you revamp a bloated, laborious data landscape into a well-formed, data-centric environment. From this place, you can create powerful opportunities for engaging customers, deepening business, and fostering ongoing success. By your side, we’ll help you build for every stage of business — and keep your eyes and innovation on the horizon.

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Vida Williams

SingleStone Alumni
Vida Williams is a revered leader in the tech space. In addition to being the Chief Data & Diversity Officer at SingleStone, Vida is a professor and Innovator in Resident at Virginia Commonwealth University, a gubernatorial appointee, and co-chair of the Virginia Biotechnology Research Partnership Authority, and an impassioned activist for data privacy. She has contributed to TedX, TomTom Festival, The Frontier Partners, and countless client presentations. Vida also volunteers her data expertise to non-profits, offering free workshops and consulting. She leads organizations through exercises that help them to identify areas of improvement, new and better ways of showcasing their impact on the community, and how to use their data to foster growth.