Jim Garrity

Account Director
Jim Garrity, our Senior Account Manager, is an Agile evangelist who collaborates closely with his team and clients to constantly improve delivery. Jim is always up for a challenge — creative sprint, anyone? — and is as passionate about employee experience as he is about client satisfaction.

Areas of Expertise


  • Requirements definition​
  • Hypothesis testing​
  • Requirements Elicitation​
  • Acceptance Criteria Development​
  • Lean discovery​
  • Structured problems solving
  • Hypothesis development​
  • Issue trees​
  • Roadmap and Phased Implementation Planning​
  • Data Analysis​
  • Product management​
  • Design thinking​
  • Scrum​
  • SAFe​
  • Certified Scrum Master​
  • Primary Delivery Point of Contact​
  • Project Facilitation and team collaboration​
  • Scheduling and release planning​
  • Financial tracking
  • Scope management​
  • Risk assessment​
  • Transition planning and execution​
  • Client engagement and communications
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Mission and Vision Development​
  • Coaching and Influencing Others​
  • Measuring and Reporting Progress
  • ADKAR​
  • Product and Project Management Lifecycles​
  • Roadmapping and Implementation Planning​
  • Communication Plans​

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