George Hatzikotelis

Test Automation Lead
George Hatzikotelis is SingleStone's QA genius, with 18+ years of experience in quickly learning new technologies, communicating effectively, and meshing with team members to deliver robust, high-quality solutions.

Areas of Expertise


  • Ruby​
  • Cucumber​
  • Gherkin​
  • Fitnesse​
  • Selenium​
  • Watir​
  • REST Web Services​
  • GraphQL​
  • UI/AP/Cloud Automated Testing
  • JavaScript​
  • Cypress​
  • Git​
  • GitHub/GitLab​
  • CI/CD
  • Amazon Web Services​
  • Docker​
  • Jenkins​


  • Agile Testing ​
  • Acceptance Test Driven Development​
  • Behavior Driven Development (BDD) Testing​
  • Automated Testing​
  • Integrating tests with CI/CD pipelines​
  • PageObject patterns​
  • Test plan development​
  • Functional testing​
  • Nonfunctional testing​
  • Lean Six Sigma​
  • Scrum​
  • SAFe​
  • Certified Scrum Master​
  • Jira​
  • Version One​
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Persona Development

Thought Leadership

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