December 11, 2020

A Frightening Campfire Tale: Password Security

We like to have fun at SingleStone. We also miss spending Friday afternoons in the office together. So, we recently shook up our virtual "Firm Friday" meeting and enjoyed music, stories, and s'mores over indoor campfires. I was slated to give a quick presentation on password complexity... and a friend suggested I present the information in the form of a scary story! Read if you dare:

Julia was home on a late October eve

When she received an urgent text from her co-worker Steve

Are you alright? Are you ok? the text message pleaded...

She dialed him up quickly to see what he needed.

Your facebook's gone crazy he said on the call!

You've posted bad memes and unfriended us all!

You're going to get fired for the things you have said

and your Twitter account is just better not read.

What? she gasped as her spine tingled cold

and she rushed off to check what she had been told

With a flurry she went to her Facebook page

But couldn't log in -- it filled her with rage!

She could see the posts Steve had started to mention

Lots of trolling and nastiness with clear bad intention

What the hell? she screamed as she stared at the mess

Who had done this to her? She'd make them confess!

She did a reset on her Facebook account

and went to her email to figure it out

but that was locked out too she saw with dread

What's happening here she screamed in her head?

She sank to the floor with her heart going pitter

and then over her security camera came a titter

then a voice came from it into her own private space

and began to curse her with names and insult her face

Julia sank to the floor filled with bone chilling fright

For her passwords had all been stolen that night

The moral is simple, as with all things essential

Be smart and be careful when you make a credential.


Don Mills

Chief Security Architect
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