Patience is a Virtue—Except When it Comes to Website Load Times!

Our Customer Research Lab has found that poor website performance negatively impacts brand impression and purchase intent.

by Chrissy Keeton

The fact is, patience is not the norm or expectation for website load time. Customers have high expectations for website performance and the bar for what defines “acceptable” performance gets higher every day.

Often overlooked is the degree to which poor website performance impacts customer purchase intent and brand impression. We conducted a study to quantify the impact. We asked three groups of customers to navigate an ecommerce website. The website and instructions were identical, with the exception of page load times which were set at no delay, a two-second delay, and a five-second delay.  After exploring, configuring, and selecting a product, customers were asked a series of questions about their experience.

The results were clear—speed matters! The key study findings are highlighted below:

  • 35% are less likely to purchase a product if the website performance is poor
  • 66% say website performance influences their impression of the company
  • 33% have a negative impression of a company with a poor performing website

Check out the study here: Poor Website Performance Undermines Customers’ Purchase Intent and Brand Impression

We also captured feedback in three key areas: quality, trustworthiness, and customer service. The response was consistent—customers that experienced a poor performing website rated the company lower across all three dimensions. In the era of social media, this negative customer experience can have a lasting ripple effect. Are you losing business due to poor website performance? We can help! Let's talk.

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Chrissy Keeton
Chrissy Keeton
Chief Customer Officer
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