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Meet your customers where they are. Optimize for mobile.

It’s a story as old as the web: our client was focused on rapid growth and acquisition. But they also knew they needed to invest in their digital channel. In this case, our client was a global leader in acquiring and collecting non-performing debt, but their web applications didn’t offer a user-friendly payment option. Since many of their customer used smartphones for browsing, our client was missing out on an important source of potential revenue. 

Mobile first approach

When they hired us to help them, our advice was clear: take a mobile first approach. 

As more and more business transactions shift into the hands of customers – literally – there are lots of reasons to optimize web applications for mobile.  

 Our top three reasons

1. Those small phones are big. Really big. 

12% of Americans are smartphone dependent  these folks don't have home broadband service and use only their phones to access the web. 

Americans spend 87 hours browsing on their smartphone in August 2016 compared to 34 hours on desktop. 

 2. Less is way more. 

Small screens don't leave room for ambiguity. Calls-to-action must be clear and compelling.

3. Mobile web applications are more than miniature websites.

Mobile users have different expectations. Incorporating UI patterns typical of native mobile apps, like swiping and multi-touch, is one way to engage customers. 

Mobile form factors impose design constraints, requiring thoughtful prioritization of actions and features.

Optimizing for mobile first delivers increased revenue. 

The challenge was to design and implement a pilot online payment web app that meets business, security, legal and compliance requirements. We set out to improve the customer experience by taking a mobile first approach. 

Improved Business Offering

Our client works with customers to design repayment plans that work for them. The improved mobile experience supports this by making it easier for customers to promise or make payments anytime, anywhere. 

Simplified Digital Experience

The client's customers appreciated the simplified design: 85% of pilot participants said it was a positive user experience.

Today, 1,300 customers service their accounts online each month. 

"Defining the mobile experience first forces you to focus on the content and actions that are most important. In many cases, a mobile design can scale out effectively to desktop, while the opposite is rarely true. Since mobile web usage is surpassing desktop, starting with mobile-first is often the best approach." 


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