It's Time to Make Waves

We're creating a culture of continuous learning.

by Ryan Shriver


Today we launch Reverb – training designed to make waves.

Reverb is a natural evolution of the custom training we’ve been creating for clients the last few years. Through this work, we’ve found that online training serves a specific purpose, but isn’t enough on its own. Like our customers, we’ve observed that employees want to carve out dedicated time to focus on training that sharpens their skills and helps them be transformative in their work. We enjoy helping organizations create a culture of continuous learning.

Like all new ventures, launching Reverb is risky, but it’s equally exciting and I think Richmond is ready.

What is Reverb?

Reverb offers open enrollment workshops and private team training built around the methods and tools that are changing the way we work. Our hands-on, instructor-led workshops are designed to equip you with the skills and insight you need to start affecting change right away.

Reverb is launching with four courses:

  • Intro to DevOps (April 26)
  • Design Thinking with Mobius (May 1+2)
  • GitHub Foundations (May 10)
  • Serverless Masterclass (May 22+23)

We’re also using crowdsourcing to influence our curriculum. You can ask us to save you a seat in one of the workshops we’re considering offering. The faster those seats fill, the sooner we’ll offer workshops in Cloud computing, Test Automation or Customer Journey Mapping, for instance.

Our instructors are all industry experts who teach using hands-on labs and activities.  And we’re hosting our workshops in fun spaces like Studio Two Three and Atlas 42. We’re serving food from great eateries like Lunch. Supper! and celebrating with local craft beer at the end of each workshop. Our goal is to make learning both engaging and relaxing.

Why Reverb?

For me, Reverb has become that rare thing in life that fills both my professional and personal buckets.

Professionally, Reverb is an exciting, new challenge. Over the past 15 years, I’ve been involved in the leadership of several local user groups and helped launch Innovate Virginia. I’ve taken a step back to grow the Cloud/DevOps solution at SingleStone for the past few years and now is the time for a new challenge.  I also love the idea of helping individual members of RVA’s tech community grow their careers and become more nimble and competitive in today’s job market.

Personally, Reverb is an opportunity to continue my passion for teaching and expand my circle of influence beyond VCU’s School of Arts, where I teach Problem Solving for Designers. With Reverb I have the opportunity to invite some of the leading thinkers in product, design and technology to Richmond to share their expertise, which is pretty cool. And, finally, Reverb has given me the opportunity to run a startup venture and practice what I often preach: empathy for the customer and outcome-driven focus.

The Path Ahead

The senior leadership at SingleStone supported the launch of this sub-brand and assembled a creative team to bring the initiative to life. It’s been a six-month journey for me and my hard-working colleagues: Kate, Kevin, Cat, Kris, Don, Chris, Ben, Steph and Luke.

You can be a part of our journey, too. Register for a workshop. Tell us what you want to learn. Sign up for our newsletter. Spread the word. Help us create a sustainable community for thinkers and doers.

The time has come to create waves here in Richmond. I hope you’ll join me. 

Ryan Shriver
Cloud and DevOps Lead
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