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Five Reasons We Love Our Work in Customer Experience

SingleStone CEO Christ Little talks about the business and societal benefits of customer experience.

by Chris Little

We’re Part of a Seismic Shift

When business first met internet the power began to shift from corporation to customer. In many industries, the power is now firmly with the customer and corporations must truly walk the talk in serving their customers. To survive and prosper, corporations must know, engage, serve, and delight their customers throughout the entire customer relationship. All of this represents a positive seismic shift that promotes higher levels of integrity in business, and we’re excited to do our part in advancing this shift.

Profound & Measurable Business Benefits

Because the power is with the customer, corporations that delight their customers are prospering through customer attraction, retention, and expansion of the customer relationship. Through our Customer Experience consulting – strategy through implementation - we help our clients drive measurable top- and bottom-line improvements. As consultants, improving our clients’ business results is our primary motivation. With such a clear connection between improved Customer Experience and improved business results, the fruit of our labor is even more obvious and satisfying.

It’s Complicated and Challenging

Convenient purchasing and competitive prices have become table stakes in business. To earn customer trust, confidence, and long-term loyalty, corporations must be easy – and even pleasurable – to work with throughout the entire customer lifecycle. This is a tall order for most corporations, which are hamstrung by siloed organizations, overly-complex processes, and legacy technologies. As problem-solvers to the core, we enjoy helping our clients work through these complex challenges, gradually transforming their businesses to become Customer Experience and industry leaders.

It’s Not Just About the Customer

Improving customer experience inherently means enhancing the human experience of all stakeholders in the value chain. While our focus is on our clients’ customers, our work is not only about the customer. To delight their customers on a sustained basis, corporations must engage employees as people (not just resources) and treat vendors as partners. The result: internal teams equipped with the right tools and training to do their jobs well and enjoy their jobs more. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Big Picture Human and Societal Benefits

There are millions of transactions and interactions between corporations and customers each day, many of which are time-consuming, frustrating, and draining for customers and those who serve them. As the tide turns and more of these interactions promote positive human experiences, we all benefit. For many interactions, the impact may be marginal, but it counts, and when you multiply that ripple effect by millions, it really counts.

“Do not wait for extraordinary circumstances to do good; try to use ordinary situations.”- Jean Paul Richter, German author (1763 - 1825).

Chris Little
Chris Little
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