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Sitecore Experience Editor Enhancements

A tutorial on making enhancements to the Experience Editor in Sitecore.

by Jeremy Haun

Providing users with up-to-date content is a critical part of a positive customer experience. When implementing content solutions, it is important to consider the experience of the authors that must deliver that content.  If those authors can more quickly and easily create content, they can communicate with their customers more efficiently. 

The Sitecore Experience Platform web content management system enables authors to create and edit content in just that way. In Sitecore, authors can edit content visually in the Experience Editor as it would display out on the published site. Developers can further improve the authoring experience by making enhancements to the Experience Editor.

Hidden fields and hard to display content can be exposed by adding Custom Experience buttons and Edit Frames to components and pieces of content. These controls will show fields in a window directly in the Experience Editor, preventing the author from having to switch views in order to edit all of the content on a page and affording the most efficient authoring experience.

To learn how to make these enhancements, view and download the tutorial: Sitecore Experience Editor Enhancements

Sitecore Experience Editor Enhancements Tutorial

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