How Digital Marketing Systems (DMS) Enable Great CX Strategy

Leverage management and delivery functionality of DMS to create great customer experiences.

by Jeff Hansen

A well-defined Customer Experience (CX) strategy is essential for gaining competitive advantage. But what I want to write about today is how Digital Marketing Systems (DMS) can help enable your CX strategy.

Below are ways that you can leverage management and delivery functionality of DMS to create great customer experiences.


WCMS has been around since the 1990's, and so it's amazing how many organizations still haven't taken advantage of the capabilities to distribute content ownership.  Many organizations are either heavily or entirely reliant upon IT to make any changes to web content.  This leads to a more convoluted process to get content out the door, and can leave the people who are creating content without a clear sense of what the system can do.

By switching to a process whereby content owners manage content within the system, you can impact customer experience through:

  • Creation of timely content without waiting for IT turnaround.
  • Inspiring creative thinking.  Business needs should drive technology, but the possibilities of technology should also inspire the business.  That can only come when users are engaged with the technology.


Customer experience is all about the totality of customer interactions across multiple touchpoints.  While the online desktop experience has been the traditional channel for content management, for a total customer experience, that's too narrow of a focus. "Write Once, Run Anywhere" was the slogan when the Java programming language was introduced.  Today, it's the same for your content. Business users need to write content once and have systems that process the content to be delivered in a variety of ways. 

For example, with Adapative Print Studio, Sitecore enables marketers to use content and assets stored within the CMS to create print material.  Traditionally, that content would have only been served through web and mobile. Similarly, Adobe Scene7, part of Adobe's Digital Marketing Suite, provides capabilities to publish marketing assets to web, mobile, social, email and print.

By leveraging modern DMS technologies, you can impact customer experience through:

  • Consistency of messaging across multiple channels, including web, mobile, social, email, print and IVR/call-center, by leveraging the same content in many places.
  • Personalization of messaging through the use of analytics, CRM, and other tools that integration with or are a part of DMS solutions.

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